A history of innovation and growth

In our company’s journey, we achieved milestones and accomplishments
that prove that innovation, knowledge and entrepreneurship
were always part of our DNA.


We developed the 1st solution in Brazil
specialized in Grain Origination,
integrated with SAP management software


We started the SPRO Service Center,
with dedicated experts to support
agribusiness and industry solutions


We incorporated SMA IT Solutions, a company
that develops specific solutions for agribusiness,
focusing on the farm producer


We innovate again with the CRM solution –
Agronomic Management and Sales Force,
dedicated to agribusiness market


We have developed an Innovation Center,
focusing on Internet of Things, Machine Learning,
Big Data and cloud platforms.


With the creation of innovative areas and
companies focused on state-of-the-art technology,
SPRO consolidates the SPRO Group,
focusing on the digital transformation for our customers.


SPRO IT Solutions is incorporated in Paraná state,
with a strategic focus on agribusiness


We started to operate in the manufacturing
and aerospace industry


Our accolades include the development
of the largest technology project in the
agricultural cooperatives sector within Brazil


We expanded our operations in the states
of São Paulo, Santa Catarina and stablished
new headquarters facilities in Paraná


We acquired significant portion of the E-AWARE
corporation, a startup which provides real time
solutions though remote sensing technology.


SPRO starts the first project with a
state-of-the-art digital platform for
the shipping ports segment in Brazil 


Remote sensing innovation engagement
with clients within the agribusiness and industrial sectors.

Management Solutions for SMEs (Small and Mid-Size Enterprises)

Development of solutions focused on farm producers 

Implementation projects & solutions in North America.

Climate remote sensing, telemetry and connectivity technological solutions for agribusiness.

Mobile app development, corporate portals and cloud solutions.

SPRO IT Solutions

Incorporated in 2008, SPRO IT Solutions is a company specialized in
business and technology strategies  for clients seeking transformation,
operational efficiency and growth.


Based in Curitiba (Paraná) and with subsidiaries in,
Joinville (Santa Catarina) and São Paulo (São Paulo), we have developed and implemented
management systems and solutions that provide value to companies from different sectors.
SPRO IT Solutions has built a portfolio rich in knowledge and renowned
experience in the agribusiness and industry sectors.