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IT Services


Application Management Services (AMS) 

The SPRO Support Center is involved in every SAP ecosystem. With a qualified and multidisciplinary team, it is a channel dedicated to being an extension of your IT department, with continuous improvement of essay services and predictive analysis of incidents. Check out the testimony of one of our main clients, Fabio Perini.  




One of the new trending buzz words in business, design thinking is a collaborative approach to implementing projects and building of solutions that ensure more coherent and best possible user experiences. In this way, the solutions become more engaging and intuitive once it is based on experimentation.


Software Development Center

An experienced team in implementing the requirements or creatinge technical documentation, providing on time and agile delivery built on programming best practices and cost effective prices.


Systems interfaces optimization

SAP Screen Personas is a software product that allows the customizing of SAP screens. It modifies many common SAP GUI screens according to the user needs, simplifying transactions during data input in order to improve usability and productivity in all the company.

TI complete solutions

Tax Management

Fiscal Management Tools

Business Solutions in accordance with Brazilian Legislation, built to automate and simplify tax transactions


Management of
(Nota Fiscal Writer) 

SPRO’s Nota fiscal writer solution is a customizable module which generates material movements automatically in Materials Management and post taxes in Financial Accounting for each invoice created manually in business processes such as shipping invoices, incoming and transfer invoices. It also controls pending returns.


(a Brazilian Digital Bookkeeping System)

The EFD-Reinf is one of the SPED reports, used by legal entities and natural persons together with the eSocial. SPRO fiscal experts help companies to comply with the legislation. To prepare your SAP for this upcoming mandate, SPRO developed a custom build accelerator targeted to help drive minimized risks and costs and a shorter implementation cycle.

Sales Management Tools 

Solutions that promotes improved relationships with customers,
increasing sales and profits for the company



In a consumer-driven digital economy, organizations need to be faster to explore customer journey and then increase their market share and profitability. Investing on a mobile CRM sales solution empowers sales team to sell more while developing opportunities and strengthening customer relationship. Learn more about SAP Hybris Sales.


Integration network between
buyers and sellers

Learn how to differentiate your company on transactions and strengthen relationships between buyers and suppliers in a network of collaboration, connecting buyers with all their suppliers and accelerating purchase and sales transactions at internet speed. Create easy and smart interactions between suppliers and buyers with SAP Ariba.

HR Management Tools

Cloud Solutions for personnel management and travel expenses


Management of outsourced staff

Effective management of outsourced staff can be easily achieved when using automated process solution. SAP Fieldglass, a cloud-based platform, helps organizations manage all types of flexible resources from temporary staff to contractors to freelance workers, increasing operational agility and accelerating business outcomes


Travel and expenses management

Travel and expenses managed in one integrated solution. Providing a complete visibility of the expenses and reports of every transaction, keeping track of business travel expenses. It also captures all card purchases and easily reconciles purchasing card transactions with its P-Card. Cloud-based solution, integrated to SAP S4/HANA, learn about SAP Concur.


Human Resources

Investing in today’s talent is the sureness on tomorrow’s success. That’s how SAP SuccessFactors, cloud-based HR software, integrates your people`s needs and information. The Easy-to-use and complete talent management system that covers all the processes from core HR, payroll, and people analytics to the talent management comprising the employee`s lifecycle.

SAP Solutions

Have a direct, hands-on experience by trying out SAP Concur and SAP Success Factor solutions.

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