Internet of Things

Remote sensing technologies for real-time
connectivity and monitoring

Internet of Things in


SPRO IT Solutions’ pioneering remote sensing solutions are innovative and disruptive to the manual operation processes.


Based on Internet of Things (IoT), precision ambience sensors are able to track data online on the batch growth environment.


Under the concept of Artificial Intelligence, with the application of algorithms in the crossing of the diverse information generated, deviations in the process are identified, in real time. In the case of deviations, data is converted into alerts. Thus, both the farm producer and the agribusiness can anticipate actions and make corrections quickly.


These technologies can benefit poultry farming, dairy cattle, swine farming and fish farming.


In the management of poultry production, for example, the sensors monitor variable data, such as:


Water consumption

Energy consumption

Feed consumption



Equipment Operation





Wind direction

Wind speed


Having real time relevant information, farmers and agribusiness can profit in food conversion improvements, cost reduction and increased competitiveness.


Check the Virtual Reality video of the operation of remote sensing technologies in the field and industry.

Remote Sensing in


Under the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and Big Data, SPRO IT Solutions is leading the digital transformation for companies of diverse segments.


Remote sensing technologies for the industry go beyond the automation and preventive actions common to every business. Intelligent sensors can monitor variable data from industrial processes, as well as physical conditions of environments, with real-time correction of any process deviation.


Technology provides more sustainable processes, such as:

Losses or deviations analysis

Wear and tear on machines and equipment

Measurement of ambiance in different sectors of industry



The solution captures specific information, made available in real time by the cloud, allowing the connectivity between different tasks of the productive process.


By creating agile routines, the industry gains operational efficiency throughout the production chain, reduces costs, reduces losses, and increases productivity.


Machine Learning

Intelligence driven by data learning,
to reduce common day-to-day business complexities. Technology capable of generating algorithms to generate information automatically. With intelligent processing, the company gains more agility and accuracy, and reduces operating costs.



Innovation in data storage and transaction reliability, Blockchain is a fast and secure system for recording, sharing and protecting information, promoting greater auditing, fraud prevention and visibility into the organization.


Big Data

With Big Data, you can explore a large volume of data, and store and analyze data. With this management, the company can take a broad view of its processes and gain insight in real time, increasing business opportunities.

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