SPRO brings the innovations needed to transform
agribusiness into the digital economy.

The solutions promote cross-data in real time, interconnecting
all processes and connecting producers and cooperatives.

Grains Origination

In order to run the various stages of the Grain Origination chain efficiently,
SPRO solutions integrate end-to-end core processes, from receiving and pricing,
contract management and commodity risk management to logistics.

Commodity Management

Agricultural contract management solutions are able to identify grain suppliers, manage volumes, prices and quality, and ensure the planning of supplies. By means of this management, it is possible to control delivery times and advances and monitor the final settlement of contracts for one or more crops.


SAP’s Agricultural Contract Management (SAP) solution ensures the management of all contracts related to the purchase of raw material, production and sales of the trading, in an integrated, effective and safe way.

In order to ensure the speed and reliability required for the adjustment of contracts between suppliers and the cooperative, SPRO has developed a cockpit that considers the advances granted to suppliers, incoming invoices, pending promissory notes in the process of settlement, and other relevant information.


The cockpit complements the Contract Management Solution, the SAP ACM – (Agricultural Contract Management).

Risk Management

SPRO brings new experience to the trader in commodity buying and selling. The trade slip solution supports commodity purchase and sales functionalities such as  Fixed,  to be Fixed,  and Flat, allowing full value simulations of contracts, taxes and freight, in real time. It guarantees  greater agility and reliability for table operations.

Commodity risk management, given the volatility and uncertainties of the market, is a major challenge in agribusiness. SAP’s Commodity Risk Management (CRM) solution helps the cooperatives to gain greater control over the formation of the commodity buy and sell prices. The results of day-to-day control over such operations inherent to risks reflects on greater competitive differentiators.


Diverse information on the Grain Origination process concentrated on charts and panels relevant to management, such as contract positions, movements, freight P & L, risk position and extracts from farm producers.

Efficient planning for medium and large agribusiness companies with a cloud-based solution. With SAP’s Analytics Cloud, the company has greater data control, with lower cost and complexity, as well as speed and scale:


– Efficient planning

– Predictive analysis

– Business Intelligence

– Accurate decision


For the precise control of the movement in the cooperative yard, SPRO has developed a cockpit that concentrates the management of inputs in the balance. Fully automated, the solution captures the physical, fiscal, accounting and financial registration. As a differentiator, the system is able to operate in offline mode, ensuring the continuity of the input and output movement, without affecting the process.

The solution integrates seamlessly with SAP’s Agricultural Contract Management (ACM) solution, or any other system for patio control.

In order to obtain control of the whole logistic process, the solution developed by SPRO together with SAP follows the flow of products in each node of the logistics chain (plant, transit, trans-shipment, terminal, port, etc.). The system enables traceability between processes, provides management reports, as well as contract position monitoring panels, load movements, cash forecasts and  Fixed market movements.

CRM - Agronomic Management

Relationship with Producers

CRM-Agronomic Management assists tactical and executive areas of cooperatives in the distribution of targets, input planning and grain reception based on crop production area. The functionalities of the solution range from the planning of the harvest to the sale of inputs.

In a mobile version, CRM-Agronomic Management facilitates the management of rural properties and the closest monitoring of the producer, working in offline mode. It records the routine activities of the crop, such as production, storage, pest monitoring and planning of inputs. In addition, it performs management of schedules and records technical reports, events and occurrences. All information is logged in the system and synchronized with SAP when connected to the Internet.

Property Mapping (Maptools)

CRM-Agronomic Management is a complete information tool for the sales force, bringing in mobile platform and in offline mode all the commercial information of the producers, such as credit limit, sales orders, visits  and plannning made. The solution helps the cooperative in decision making and sales execution, facilitates the management of rural properties and monitoring in the field. Routine farming activities, such as production, storage and input planning, are recorded in the system and synchronized with SAP when connected to the internet.


Some features:

– Crop Planning
– Distribution of goals
– Calendar management
– Registration of technical reports, events and occurrences
– Sale of inputs

Mapping technologies and geographic analysis of farm properties complement the connectivity cycle. The link between production cost (R $ / ha) and expected productivity (Kg / ha) with the mapping of productive areas of rural properties forms the basis of calculation for determining and managing its share and market potential. This information helps, in a precise way, the strategic and operational decisions of the cooperative.


Poultry farming, pig farming, and fish farming.

Planning, development, production and logistics

The solution allows the control and management of productive cycles, which promote the productive chain of poultry, fish and pigs, from animal housing and slaughter to payment of the supplier and cooperative members. The system considers consignments in partnership, logistics and zootechnical data collected in the field, integrated by Internet of Things (IoT).


Some features:  

– Planning (pulled or pushed))
– Animal accommodation
– General control of lots and hierarchy
– Logistics management and shipment in partnership
– Zoo technical indexes, such as mortality and FCR
– History of demands of producers and projections
– Traceability
– Reports / KPIs


Dynamic solution without interfaces and fully integrated with SAP management systems and best market practices. 

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